Research Projects

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The transfer of knowledge from research to industrial practice is all the more successful the earlier we cooperate with SMEs and large companies in our R&D work. This is why we are always on the lookout for companies to join the Project Support Committees (PA) of our new and ongoing IGF projects. If you are interested, please contact the respective contact person directly or use the contact form.


NEW: Additive production of platinum alloys by selective laser melting Summary (german)

NEW: Selective laser melting of surface-treated powders of Cu composites Summary (german)

NEW: Hybrid technologies and materials for the manufacture of investment moulds and crucibles for the investment casting of titanium alloys Summary (german)

Powder flame spraying of thermal shock resistant pots and investment casting moulds on the example CaZrO₃-CaTiO₃ for the investment casting of high melting and highly reactive alloys Research Project (german)

Standardization of the mechanical characterization and quantification of material properties for modeling the time-dependent deformation behavior of semi-finished products made of highly conductive Cu alloys Summary (german)

Products optimisation with New Additive Manufacturing Powders Research Project

MaterialDigitial Research Project (german)

Beryllium Substitute in Copper Alloys Research Project (german)

Optimised powders for 3D printing Summary (german)

Development, manufacturing and thermoplastic moulding of nickel-free, platinum-based, biocompatible metallic solid glasses Research Project (german)

Alloy Development and Characterization of Substitution Materials for Cu-Be Alloys Summary (german)

Investment Casting of Refractory and Highly Reactive Titanium Alloys Summary (german)

Alloy Development and Thermoplastic Forming of 18kt White Gold Alloys Summary (german)

Physical and mechanical properties of precipitable Cu-Mg alloys with regard to their application to wires and components with thin cross-sections Summary (german)

Standardization of the mechanical characterization and quantification of material properties for modeling the time-dependent deformation behavior of semi-finished products made of highly conductive Cu alloys Research Project

Qualification of selective laser melting of precious metals as a manufacturing process in the watch and jewellery industry Summary (german)

Investigation and modelling of the relaxation behaviour of high-strength and highly conductive Cu alloys Summary (german)

Development of casting simulation and experimental investigation of platinum alloys to optimize the investment casting process for watch and jewellery applications Summary (german)

Manufacturing and application possibilities for solid metallic glasses based on precious metals Summary (german)

Process development to achieve high quality casting results with a high temperature vacuum induction tilting casting plant for highly reactive alloys Summary (german)

Innovative design and top quality in gold jewelry casting through integration of applied computer simulation, design-of-experiments and rapid prototyping Summary (german)

Achievement of coloured gold surfaces Summary (german)

Research into microstructure-critical processes in material erosion by arc plasma and switching loads and development of novel high-performance materials with long-term stability for electrodes and switching contacts Summary (german)

Development of improved investment casting technology for silver jewellery casting Summary (german)

Improvement of the long-term behavior of an electrically highly conductive copper alloy for electromechanical contacts through precipitation optimization Summary (german)


NEW: Process development for aluminium as material for conductors and connectors in the automotive industry using adapted tin alloy layers Research Project (german)

NEW: Influence of aging, manufacturing and post-treatment processes on the galvanic coatability of zinc die cast Summary (german)

NEW: Development of a novel catalytic heat exchanger for the total oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in exhaust air streams, especially for foundries Summary (german)

Contact and long-term behaviour of self-lubricating coatings in power-bearing connections in electrical energy technology Research Project (german)

Development of a Li/S cell with 3D cell components for increased energy efficiency, cycle stability and safety Summary (german)

Reliability and safety of equipment in low-voltage distribution stations for use in wind power and photovoltaic plants Summary (german)

Scalable low-cost pressure sensor with galvanically manufactured sensor diaphragm and high pressure-resistant joining technology Interim report (german)

Galvanic metal deposition for the production of efficient 3D electrodes for electrochemical CO₂ reduction Research Project (german)

Rechargeable Li-S battery with S-Flow cathode Summary (german)

Development of manufacturing processes for function-integrated multi-component parts on the example of a volume-minimized housing solution for planar micro fuel cell systems Summary (german)

Chrome-free colouring of stainless steel components Summary (german)

Solid carbon dioxide blasting as a pre-treatment process prior to electroplating Summary (german)

Long-term stable phosphorus-doped alloy catalysts and phosphorus-doped carbon substrates for high-performance PEM fuel cells by pulse-plating deposition Research Project

Influence of ageing, manufacturing and post-treatment processes on the galvanic coatability of zinc die casting Research Project

Wet chemical electrolyte and process development as well as characterization of iridium and iridium alloy layers for contact applications
Summary (german)

Flexible lithium ion cells with microstructured current collectors to increase flexibility, adhesion and volumetric energy density Research Project

Construction of new three-dimensional cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries with increased capacity, energy efficiency and cycle stability Summary (german)

Electrochemical processes for the production of gas diffusion electrodes for PEM fuel cells Summary (german)

Function-integrated multi-component components: volume-minimized housing solution for micro fuel cell systems Research Project

New electroplating processes from ionic liquids, subproject: Hydrogen-free deposition of precious metals and precious metal alloy layers from ionic liquids Research Project

Rechargeable lithium battery with a sulfur FLOW cathode (S-FLOW)Research Project

Blasting with solid carbon dioxide as pretreatment process prior to electroplating (project section 2) Research Project

Development of a detection system based on electrochemically active surfaces for load control of AMC filters Research Project

Effect of oxides within galvanic coatings on the reliability and long-term behaviour of electrical connections in energy technology Research Project

New tin-nickel alloy coatings as an alternative to hard chrome coatings Summary (german)

Development of a microbipolar element arrangement that can be integrated using LIGA technology with minimal precious metal input for simplified design and production of self-breathing fuel cell stacks for portable electronics applications Summary (german)

Development of deposition processes for precious metal contact materials from ionic liquids Summary (german)

Development and testing of an electrolyser based on high-temperature PEM technology Summary (german)

Electrolysis based on alkaline solid electrolyte membranes Summary (german)

Improvement of the reliability of electrical bimetallic connections made of aluminium-copper and aluminium-silver for energy transmission in the temperature range 90200°C Summary (german)

Development of efficient coating technologies and high-performance electrode layers for novel MT-PEM fuel cells Summary (german)

Development of a low-temperature ethanol steam reformer with integrated hydrogen separation Summary (german)

Deposition of Fe diffusion barrier layers from ionic liquids Summary (german)

Development of a novel microstructured bipolar plate based on a combined photolithography and electroplating process Summary (german)

Production of molded interconnect devices from high-performance thermoplastics by structuring and back-injection of copper foils Summary (german)

Development of a new process for the cost-effective production of bipolar plates with the aid of electroformed injection moulds Summary (german)

Galvanic iron deposition from ionic liquids Summary (german)

Development of an oxidation catalyst based on surface-functionalized open-pored metal foams Summary (german)

Electrochemically generated palladium-silver alloy layers as electrical contact surfaces and metallic gas membranes Summary (german)


NEW: Energetic use of waste hydrogen in anodising plants  Summary (german)

NEW: Development of photocatalytic anodic layers for the production of functional aluminium surfaces Research Project (german)

Development of an innovative multilayer anodized circuit board system for direct metallization for external LED applications with high power density; Subproject: development of highly insulating and adhesion-promoting anodizing layers on a laboratory scale Summary (german)

Accelerated test procedure for development and quality control of highly corrosive chromium plating systems Summary (german)

Development of highly insulating and adhesion-promoting anodising layers on a laboratory scale Research Project

Development of a process for compacting anodised aluminium alloys at low temperatures without the use of heavy metals

Energy-efficient hard anodizing; elimination or inerting of intermetallic phases in high-strength aluminum alloys

Avoidance of paint defects by infrared annealing of light metal castings prior to powder coating Summary (german)

Development of functional hard anodizing layers on medical titanium alloys for implants and instruments Summary (german)

Anodizing of novel ultra-fine grain aluminum materials for highly stressed components Summary (german)

Avoidance of surface defects during powder coating of hot-dip galvanized steel Summary (german)

Adhesion disorders of new powder coating systems on aluminium surfaces - causes, solutions and practical test methods Summary (german)

Development of a procedure for the interim evaluation of the quality of galvanized and painted steel surfaces Summary (german)

Electrochemical deposition of titanium dioxide from aqueous electrolytes to produce photocatalytically active alumina surfaces Summary (german)

Investigation of decorative defects on anodized aluminium surfaces using microstructural characterization and colorimetry Summary (german)



NEW: Flexible lithium-ion cells with microstructured current collectors to increase flexibility, adhesion and volumetric energy density Summary (German)

Development of a PACVD method relevant for production to deposit electrically conducting a-C:H:N protective coatings with high rate for PEM fuel cells  Research Project

Improving the corrosion and wear resistance of hard material-coated components by modifying electrical and mechanical properties  Summary (german)

Development of PVD coatings based on titanium/zinc and titanium/silver on textile fabrics Research Project

Development of conductive carbon-based protective coatings using established and novel coating processes for metallic bipolar plates of PEM fuel cells Summary

Investigation of PVD and CVD intermediate layers as a cobalt diff usion barrier for diamond deposition onto cemented carbide Summary

TiMgN: A PVD functional layer for active corrosion and wear protection Summary (german)

Surface characterization with the confocal microscope Nanofocus µsurf custom Summary (german)

2-Dimensional X-ray Diffraction with the Bruker Vantec-500 Detector  Summary (german)

Plasma characterization with the plasma monitor HIDEN EQP 300 Summary (german)

Investigation and evaluation of different methods for decoating CVD diamond coated carbide tools and components Summary (german)

Deposition and evaluation of hydrogen-containing hard coatings based on Nb, C and N as wear-protecting and dry-lubricating functional coatings on cutting and forming tools Summary (german)

Investigations to improve the punch service life for hot stamping MID technology Summary (german)

Nanocoated metallic bipolar plate for PEFC Summary (german)


NEW: Processing of neodymium magnets from electric drives Summary (german)

NEW: Accelerated test of dynamic solar reverse osmosis Summary (german)

Approaches to establish a process chain for the recovery of neodymium and dysprosium from secondary materials Summary (german)

Low temperature sintering of printed conductive structures from precious metal nanoparticle inks Summary (german)

Recovery of neodymium magnets from computer hard disks and ferromagnetic fractions of mechanical scrap treatment Summary (german)

Antimicrobial finishing of leather with silver nanoparticles Summary (german)

Thermo-mechanical enrichment of indium tin oxide from display units of used flat screens Summary (german)

Control of organic residual contamination on cleaned metal surfaces with IR cameras Summary (german)